Top professional care for assisted living

inspired by The Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles

Inspired by The Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles

Top professional care for assisted living

Enhanced emotional, physical and social health

16 Bader Road, Hurlyvale
Single Room accommodation
Advanced Frail Care Services

Hurly Hills beautifully designed common areas and tastefully appointed bedrooms are just one more way we communicate how important each resident is to us. Upmarket furnishings, light and airy spaces all add to residents’ quality of life and pride in their home.  All our rooms are spacious and have en-suite bathroom facilities. Hurly Hills facilities are also geared for patients with various disabilities so facilities are structured to enable patients in wheelchairs to move about easily.


Single room accommodation includes the following:

  • Large bedsitter
  • En suite
  • Rooms are approximately 20m² in size
  • M-Net & DSTV connection
  • Built-in cupboards
  • Modern, neat design
  • Assisted living with nursing care. Fee for board and lodging and social.
  • Rooms may be decorated by residents.


We take the safety of our residents very seriously, and therefore offer superb security.

Electric Fence
The retirement home is completely fenced off with an electric fence.

Electronic gate
The gate is electronically controlled, and not opened to anyone unless sufficient identification is provided.

Armed Response
We make use of a 24-hour armed response service to ensure complete peace of mind.


Residents are not bound to a rigid schedule. You’re free to follow your own schedule and do your own thing. However, we encourage group activities in order to stimulate senses and build friendships.

A retirement village is the perfect place to forge friendships that’ll edify, encourage and challenge.

Activities are largely determined by Hurley Hills residents, but the following should give you an idea of what regularly happens at our retirement home.

Sunset Boulevard Chess
Hollywood Hills Bridge
Las Vegas
Building Meccano sets
Building Puzzles

Beverly Hills themed evenings
Frank Sinatra Music therapy
Silvestre Stallone work outs
Dolly Parton Dancing therapy
Clint Eastwood activities and Games
Hollywood Movie themed evenings


Hurly Hills offers residents balanced, nutritious, prepared meals. We ensure that they contain all the necessary nutrients and goodness to ensure that you are the healthiest you, that you can be.

Thus, we cater for residents who have special dietary needs based on medical caregivers’ instructions, such as diabetics and people with allergies.

Our staff are trained to help those patients who need assistance at mealtimes.

Supervision and Monitoring

We have CCTV cameras installed throughout our premises to monitor the premises on a 24-hour basis. Other than the fact that this is an integral part of our security, it enables us to better care for our residents.

Should any mishap befall one of our residents that is not seen by the staff, but happens within sight of one of our cameras, help can be dispatched promptly.

This serves as a further safety net in the event that an unforeseen event occurs to one of our residents.

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